International AdventuresYerevan, Armenia

The Cascade Center for the Arts

The Cascade is a popular tourist destination in Yerevan best known for its 572 limestone steps, waterfalls, outdoor gardens and the amusing statues along the walkway. It’s wonderfully located, boasting a beautiful view of the city, lovely sunsets and a perfect shot of Mount Ararat. Once you climb to the top and get your instagram shots? most people just pack it up and head further into the city center. Not so fast, there’s more to this monument than what meets the eye.

The Interior

Once you are inside, you will find the Cafesjian Center for the Arts. The interior is split into several levels with each floor hosting exhibits featuring Armenian art and contemporary art from around the world. You can check out each piece close up ? or just observe them while riding the extra long escalators. My favorite exhibitions are the Swarovski Crystal Palace at the star landing and the colorful Chihuly pieces.

Concert Hall

My favorite discovery at the Cascade is the special events auditorium. My friends invited me to a Lilit Bleyan concert and I thought, why not? It was quite cool, at the end of the escalators there is a room for concerts with small dinner tables, white couches and a stage with a glass backdrop showing night views of the city. It looked great, the only thing missing was the opportunity to purchase something bubbly. The atmosphere lent to a nice dinner theatre experience?.

Lilith Bleyan

The concert itself was great. It was a lovely intimate setting, almost every angle had an unobstructed view of the stage. Lilit Bleyan sang original songs along with Armenian versions of French hits. I really enjoyed her performance and at 2500 AMD ($5 USD) for tickets it was more than worth it! Looking at the calendar of events, there seems to be a different concert every weekend.

Exterior view of the Cascade

Next time that you stop by the Cascade, make sure to venture inside to get the full experience!